Coast Collective Gallery and Gift Shop Submission Guidelines

The Coast Collective Art Centre (CCAC) is looking for a broad spectrum of family-friendly original art works which display excellence in skill and creativity.  Consider yourself a professional, treat your artwork with respect and always use the best possible materials.  CCAC reserves the right to refuse any artwork not meeting our Submission Guidelines.

All submissions are adjudicated based on:

  1. Originality
  2. all work must be original, not copied from anyone else’s work, which includes working from photographs taken by other people without their consent. Proof of consent may be required.
  3. Technical Proficiency
  4. work displays a high level of skill or mastery in the medium of choice.
  5. all work must be primarily hand crafted. Pre-manufactured, store-bought or found items may be used in the artwork but must be subordinate to the overall design and craftsmanship of the article.
  6. Presentation
  7. Pieces must be display ready
  8. Artwork should be presented in a simple, professional manner regardless of the nature of the work.
  9. To maintain a high level of professionalism, use top quality materials in making and presenting your work
  10. Marketability
  11. Price point – the piece is priced within the range of comparable items.
  12. Workmanship – a high level of quality has been maintained throughout.
  13. Appeal – popularity and salability must be considered.


  1. The whole piece – front, back, top, bottom – should be skillfully executed, well-crafted and properly finished; not battered, shop worn, flimsy or fragile. This applies to canvases, cradle boards, framed artwork and all other substrates.
  2. Frame and mat quality and aesthetic will be considered as part of the work.
  3. Artwork behind glass must not touch the glass, mats should be used to separate the work from the glass. Glass must be without scratches and fingerprints.
  4. All artwork must be presented ready-to-hang safely, with appropriate hanging wire attached to the frame. Wires and hanging hardware must not be visible when hung.  The wire must be a minimum of 1 ½ inches from the top of the frame when pulled tight. ​Make sure wires are tight and as high up on the frame as they can be whilst maintaining the 1.5 inch distance.
  5. Stretched canvases that are at least 1 ½ inches deep do not require a frame; however, staples must not be visible, corners must be tidy, and edges must be painted or otherwise finished.
  6. Canvases less than 1 ½ inches deep require a frame unless the artist can show that this is the intent of their body of work, being it should be integrated into the work itself.
  7. Quilts and other fabric wall hangings must be ready to hang safely on a hook. Hardware must be included ie. a dowel with eye hooks.
  8. In the Gallery:
    Saw tooth hanger are NOT accepted
  9. In the Artisan Gift Shop
    Sawtooth hangers may be used only on small items where that is the most appropriate hanging method. An alternate display method must be available such as a small display stand.


  1. All submitted work must be primarily hand-worked. Any article commercially manufactured or made from a commercial kit will not be accepted.
  2. Work must be aesthetically artistic in nature and executed with elements demonstrating use of colour, texture, pattern, etc.
  3. Articles made from a mold are acceptable only where the mold is subordinate to the product and/or the artist’s creativity.
  4. Bases of freestanding items must be professionally finished and stable. Instructions for special installations should be attached to the piece. Special installation apparatuses must be provided by the artist.
  5. Three-dimensional wall pieces must be mounted to their hanging apparatus in a secure, professional manner and able to safely withstand the weight of the piece.
  6. Toys, garments and all functional items must meet all Canadian Safety Regulations.
  7. All electrical components must be CSA approved.
  8. All food-bound surfaces must meet Health Canada Standards. These items must be clearly labelled as“food-safe”. Items which are not food safe should be labelled as decorative use only.
  9. Clothing and textile items are subject to Federal Government labeling legislation. Artist must provide a professional artist’s label showing fibre content and care instructions.
  10. Cosmetics and body products (including handmade soap) must meet Government of Canada regulations for Consumer Product Safety. This includes proper labeling.


  1. Upcycled materials are allowed only if the original form is substantively transformed by the craftsperson. Items must be clean and processed in a creative manner.  upcycled fabric items must include a professional artist’s label showing fibre content (or 100% unknown if that’s the case), care instructions and a description of the process used in upcycling. Upcycled clothing must be clearly marked as such. The original manufacturer’s tags must be removed from upcycled clothing.



Professionally rendered original works of music and literature are welcomed.

Click here for a printer-ready pdf.