Sheryl Parsons

  • Board of Directors - Treasurer

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Sheryl has lived in the westshore since age 7 and is the 3rd generation born in Victoria of her family. Also the first to have graduated from university. She took the visual arts program at UVIC and earned her BFA in drawing and painting.

Around the turn of the century Sheryl became a member of the Juan de Fuca Arts and Crafts Guild and joined the painters group where she began to make connections with local artists for the first time since UVIC.

When the Coast Collective was created near the end of 2008, Sheryl embraced this new creative community, became a member and took a studio space at the old Pendray House and remains there still.

Sheryl worked as a department manager for 26 years at a local retail chain and retired in 2019, allowing her the time to join the Board of Directors just as the pandemic hit. So as the members voted to close the physical space, keeping the society active, Sheryl is continuing to work with the Board and members to help create the new vision of the CC Art Centre for the future.