Rebecca Barnard

  • Instructor

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My goal is to show everyone who has an interest in creating art that they can do it.
I am available for workshops, private lessons or contract courses.
Creativity is within each of us and if we are willing to work at it, I want to show them how to find it. I love the challenge of someone who says “I’ve always wanted to but have no talent”.
It is such a joy to see someone begin to look at their surroundings differently – It changes their life!

Once my children were in high school, I was free to take art courses myself.
• Malespina College, Nanaimo, BC: Pottery, Life drawing & Watercolors
• Lessons for watercolor from Jim Wispinski
• Private lessons in acrylics
• Numerous workshops for watercolors, inks, pastels, acrylics, pen & ink gouache and drawing.

I was attending a workshop for watercolors in Arizona when the teacher didn’t show up.
I said “I don’t know if I understand more than you, but I’m willing to show you some techniques.”
The response was overwhelming – “Why aren’t you teaching? We learned more today than in the last 6 months”. And so, I began teaching beginners watercolor classes.
My method of teaching is step by step. First I explain what I am going to do, do it while the class watches and then watch as they do that step. Answering questions as we go along.
With this method I have had many students admit at the end of a course that, in fact, they had tried that particular medium before without success, but feel they understand it now.
I include composition in beginner sessions and color theory in intermediate sessions.