Niki Green

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Niki was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where her love of art was encouraged by her father, who was a professional musician. As a child, Niki remembers the feeling of opening a new box of Crayola crayons and seeing all the possibilities within that rainbow of colour.

After moving to Toronto, Ontario, Niki became an elementary school teacher. She discovered that teaching art gave many students the opportunity to express themselves with freedom and joy. She became interested in making jewelry as a creative and therapeutic outlet , and began selling her creations both privately and to retail outlets. After making jewelry for over 20 years, she wanted to pursue another creative outlet, and mixed media art really appealed to her.

Many of Niki’s pieces are made with acrylic paint, paper, stamps, stencils, alcohol inks, and various other materials. She loves to start a project, never quite knowing exactly how it’s going to look after it’s finished.

Niki moved to Victoria, BC, in 2009, and is constantly inspired by the sheer physical beauty around her. She is now a full time artist, and her passion for bright and vibrant colours is very much reflected her art. She still feels like that little kid opening that box of crayons, and imagining all of the possibilities within.

Niki’s art can be found on Instagram ( Niki Green/CHAOS CREATIVE) and on Facebook (Niki’s Mixed Media Art). She is currently a Brand Ambassador for The Crafters Workshop.