Kathryn Fudge

  • Board of Directors - Director at Large

Contact Info:

  • finance@coastcollective.ca

Kathryn Fudge was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1978 she took a military posting to Lahr, Germany where she met and married her husband. In the following years, as they were posted to various locations in Canada, Kathryn established several different home-based businesses which allowed her to be a stay at home Mom to her three children. She has lived on Vancouver Island with her family since 1992 and in Colwood since 1995.

Art and creativity in all forms have always been a driving force for Kathryn. She worked for many years as a seamstress before setting up a wood shop at home to make wood pieces to sell wholesale to a tole painting studio. She studied and taught classes in painting with acrylics for many years. Currently she works with a new medium creating sculptures for home and garden. She also organized and was directly involved in the Coast Collective gallery show “Sitting Pretty” for three consecutive years. She and her friend Patricia created PKDesigns, a home-based business in which they upcycle chairs and accessories, creating artful, one of a kind pieces for the home or office. Together with several other artists they assembled an amazing display of home décor.

Kathryn joined the Coast Collective in November 2009 as a gift shop artist and workshop instructor. She has served on our Board of Directors as Treasurer from 2015 – 2019, and as President from March 2019 to July 2020, and is now filling a position as Director at Large.  She also filled the Executive Director  position as a volunteer from Nov 2016 till the Art Centre closed in May 2020.

Kathryn’s experiences at running her various arts-based businesses from home, and her work with the Coast Collective has given her a keen eye to detail and a deep appreciation for the dedication and commitment required to grow a business and achieve success within an organization. Knowing how valuable creativity has been in her own life, her hope going forward is to see more community engagement in all forms of the arts and with people of all ages.