Daniella Amit

  • Instructor

Daniella Amit is a designer and artist who has recently moved to Victoria, bringing a wide variety of skills and creativity to her new community.

Daniella’s work is unique in combining different mediums and techniques.

Daniella has exhibited and taught Textile Art in several venues in Vancouver: Artemis gallery, Fibre Art Guild of Vancouver, Harmony Art Festival in West Vancouver, and in her own studio.

A graduate of Art & Design college in Jerusalem, Daniella begun her career as a Landscape Designer in Israel.

Moving to Vancouver and its very different environment, she replaced her passion for gardens with Textile Art which she calls “Fabric Gardens”.

  • Graduated from Bezalel, Art & Design Academy in Jerusalem
  • Owned my Landscape Design firm from 1975 to 1994 in Israel when I moved to Vancouver.
  • Owned In Residence Design in Vancouver and now in Victoria, focusing on designing kitchens, bathrooms and renovations.
  • Owned La Penna Design – Textile Art & Jewellery, teaching Fabric dyeing (Procion H and Eco dyeing), Collage, Embroidery and Needle Weaving, applied to personal accessories and Home-decor.