Carol Koebbeman

  • Instructor

Contact Info:

  • 778-440-4251
I was born and raised in northern Illinois to a creative family and have been making some form of art all my life. I graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1980 with a degree in Fiber. In the subsequent three decades I made fiber art, created a business manufacturing silk cord and pursued woodworking by creating studio furniture. In 2010 I started painting, eventually settling on figurative and portrait work in oil.
About my art
I strive to capture a private moment in a person’s daily life. I hope to portray a specific emotion expressed in the fine details in a mouth or in the eyes. I want the expression to resonate with the viewer, to find some commonality or understanding. Further, I want my paintings to express a narrative, a story that’s unfolding, possibly one that is private and obscure. I want my paintings to be imbued with a mood that’s apparent, even if it’s ambiguous.
I love teaching. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others; I especially like helping individuals find their own style and voice.  I don’t push my own style on others; instead, I listen and watch and guide you to your own vision.