Annet Holierhoek

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Annet Holierhoek moved to Canada from The Netherlands in 2005, where she had been a College Teacher in economic subjects for 18 years. The move was also a starting point for exploring her creativity. Annet works with recycled fibers and an outdoor suitable polymer (Paverpol).
Her work gives the impression that it is made from metal or stone, the shapes often long stretched and out of proportion, and subdued colors. The inspiration comes from the world around her, other artists, nature and objects we use or see in everyday life. Most of her work can be placed outside without being effected by rain, sun, snow or freezing cold.
Her creative journey started when she took her first workshop in 2007. What started as just a fun weekend to avoid the rainy winter days in BC slowly evolved into a career where she teaches others to create objects with basic house hold supplies and Paverpol. For Annet the joy lies in helping others to discover that we can all be creative, in whatever shape or form that might be. She works from her studio in Chilliwack but also teaches around British Columbia.
contact information can be found on the website.