Painting with Emotion in Acrylics with Shelly Burke (Oct)

October 30 to December 11, 2019

Wednesdays, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm ( 7 weeks)
Please register by October 23, 2019


Instructor:  Shelly Burke

The Coast Collective is happy to welcome  expert instructor and artist, Shelly Burke.

Returning to Victoria from Toronto, after over 20 years of painting and art instruction, Shelly will demonstrate how to gain an understanding of tonal values, colour schemes, colour mixing, texture, proportion and composition through still life, landscape or subjects of your choice. The flexibility of this wonderful medium, in its ability to enable the artist to work quickly to completion or if desired, slower, (by adding a retarder), makes it a
favourite choice!

Shelly shares painting with feeling… translating what we, as emerging artists see, in either a still life or a photo of a landscape, into a dynamic and painterly interpretation, employing decisive, broad brushstrokes. Learning how to break down the subject to simpler shapes is key.

This will be a beginner/intermediate acrylics series of classes.  At the end of each class there will be a constructive critique of the artists’ paintings.

Shelly will do a painting demonstration at the beginning of each class (approximately 20 minutes) to show the artists how to start, and if needed, will continue the demo to a more completed state, throughout the class.

Week 1. There will be a brief introduction to Colour Theory using the colour wheel diagram which each student will be supplied with. (I usually put the Colour Wheel diagram into a protective plastic sheet for future use.)
The introduction to Colour theory will be supported by images, to expand on certain key elements (such as “Hue”, “Value” or “Colour notes” and “Saturation” or “Chroma”, as well as colour Temperature) and will be referred to throughout the course. Rather than painting“local colour” i.e. colours as we see them in life, there are 4 basic colour schemes artists can employ to give their paintings harmony and excitement!

Week 2. Artists will be working from a photo of a landscape supplied by the instructor, using the Complementary Colour Scheme. They will learn how to “block in” as well as understanding about seeing shapes and patterns created by shadows in their initial block in.

Week 3. This week the main topic will cover Brushstrokes and Edges. Artists will be encouraged to develop their own style, using a subject of their choice or the instructor’s image.  Reviewing the ways to approach landscape and still life painting.

Week 4. Focusing on Composition and Proportion in still life or landscape painting – easy tricks to produce a great composition!

Week 5. Creating another Landscape painting employing the topics learned above, as well as introducing Negative Shape painting.

Week 6. Expressive Painting: Artists will be encouraged to focus more on their reaction to a subject (their choice or the instructor’s image) rather than completing an illustrative painting. Letting themselves not get caught up in the details, but having fun with paint!

Week 7 During this final week we would focus on finishing earlier paintings and have a discussion about varnishing. This would include a final critique. Portrait painting may be discussed.

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Oct 30 2019 - Dec 11 2019


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm




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