Web of Life

This Earth Day, the region’s youngest artists have  created paintings, drawings and collages inspired by the variety of creatures that make up the Web of Life on our planet.  Using art to share their ideas, children aged 3 to 12 have explored ecosystems here in British Columbia and around the world, discovering how individual plants and species are interconnected in diverse and complex ways. From  paintings of tiny bugs to mighty bears collaged from recycled materials, this online celebration encourages us to think about the Web of Life and where our species can fit within it.
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Read some comments from participants below the gallery.



Some comments from participants:

We are Division 6, a grades 3/4 class from École Poirier Elementary School! As a class, we have created a collage poster depicting a grizzly bear on the hunt for wild salmon. Before getting started, we explored the critical connections that make up this food web, including the bear that gets energy from the salmon, and the trees that get nutrients from the discarded salmon remains. We talked about the salmon life cycle, and about how important it is that the salmon return to their native streams to spawn. We decided to use garbage and recyclables for our collage because they represent the waste that is harming the very environment that bears, salmon, trees, and even we ourselves live in.
Division 6, a Grades 3/4 class at Ecole Poirier Elementary School, creators of “Wild Waste”

“I think seahorses are a living species that are just like humans with their own families. We need to protect them from becoming endangered. And where would you ever find another creature so beautiful and cute.”
Neve F., 8 yrs old

“The Entrance To Hope” is inspired by looking the heart of the tree. You can ask a question to the heart and it gives you helpfulness and pleasure just like hope. If you go inside of it, you will see the place you want to imagine. The blossoms give everyone a smile even when you are so sad. The tree is tangled because that way it looks so magical then it is.
Seren, Age 10, the artist of “The Entrance To Hope”.

I am 11 years old and in Grade 6 at Dunsmuir Middle School. I love to sketch and draw. For this entry, I sketched by hand in pencil, outlined in fine marker and coloured in using alcohol based marker. I hope you like my submission as it was fun to draw.
Madeline H., the artist of “Mother Earth”

During one of our classes we worked on how to draw a spider web while using watercolour paint, acrylic paint, pastels, crayons, pencil crayons and gold leaf. We used art paper and watercolour paper to create the art on.
The age of the 16 students in my class varies from 5 to 8 and the oldest student Simon is 10 years old.
They are all amazing kids and they create the most beautiful pieces every week. They are the reason why I love art and creating art. In my opinion Children’s art is the best art!
Deborah van Hattem-Koff, Amber Academy Youth Fine Arts Society