The Coast Collective Art Society (CCAS) is a non-profit society of British Columbia.  It was established in 2012/2013 as the Society for Arts on the South Island (SASI) and in January of 2014 began overseeing the operations of the Coast Collective Art Centre (CCAC). In 2020 the name of the Society was changed to Coast Collective Art Society.

To promote and support arts and culture in the communities of southern Vancouver Island by providing educational experiences and venues which foster creativity, collaboration and diversity.

To provide people of all ages and abilities in the community the opportunity to experience, be inspired and be empowered by arts and culture.

Respect: for people, communities, and cultures
Inclusion: of all forms and levels of the arts
Creativity: instill our work with imagination
Learning: challenge each other to continually learn
Excellence: encourage excellence in all forms and at all levels
Affordability: strive to make the experience of arts and culture affordable to all
Service: be of benefit to the public and our members

Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors consists of a minimum of 5 persons to a maximum of 9, including the Executive positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.  All additional positions are designated as Director at Large. The term of office for any position is one year, although generally a director will stay in a position for a minimum of two years.

Member Participation
Voting Members of CCAS are expected to participate in the Society’s Annual General Meeting and Election of Directors. Society members and members of the public may also attend the regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors or make presentations to the board (with a minimum of 7 days’ notice in writing to Unless otherwise noted, board meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the third Thursday of each month. As of Apr 2020, and until further notice,  meetings are being conducted online.

Our History
Since late 2008, the Coast Collective Art Centre (CCAC) has been a dynamic, inspiring centre promoting art and culture, connecting community members of all ages through creative expression and explorations.  CCAC started as a creative partnership between a leading group of local artists and the developer of the Pacific Landing project at Esquimalt Lagoon.  In January 2016, CCAC opened in a new custom-built gallery, artisan gift shop and classroom co-located with the Holiday Inn Express in Colwood’s town centre.

Since opening our doors, the Coast Collective has welcomed thousands of visitors each year to discover and enjoy the arts. At any given time over the years, SASI and CCAC has had 80 – 120 members working hard to deliver arts and cultural programs and services which animate the Society’s mission and enrich the quality of life enjoyed by residents and visitors to the Westshore communities.

In March of 2020, CCAC had to close its doors due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  What we thought would be a temporary closure proved to be such a financial burden that the decision was made to permanently close the physical location but to keep the Society active with the hopes of reopening when circumstances allow.  During this time programs such as the Roaming Gallery and Art Space at Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre continue.  The Board of Directors meet on a regular basis to plan for future events and opportunities for community involvement.