24 May 2020

Coast Collective Has Closed its Current Location

When the Coast Collective Art Centre closed its doors on March 18th due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no way of knowing how long the closure would be, or how it would affect our business going forward. In planning for the future of the Society for Arts on the South Island (SASI) and the Coast Collective, the Board of Directors has had to consider the ongoing physical distancing rules and regulations around reopening businesses. As none of the financial support programs offered by the government were helpful to us, there are many challenges involved.

After much discussion and consideration the Board has come to the conclusion that the Coast Collective Art Centre will sadly not be able to continue as a viable business under the current and ongoing conditions brought on by COVID-19, and has made the difficult decision to close the Coast Collective Art Centre at its current Wale Road location. The SASI membership has voted overwhelmingly to keep the Society active with the intent to eventually find a new home and restart in the future.

The Coast Collective Art Centre is operated by the non-profit organization Society for Arts on the South Island (SASI) whose purpose is to nurture arts and culture through art and craft showcases, art education, public performances, and cultural events. It has a long history on the West Shore and SASI feels a strong commitment to growing the arts within our community. We hope that we can continue with programs and workshops that help everyone enjoy the practice of art as part of their daily lives and in turn, make our community a more vibrant and enjoyable place to live.

While the Coast Collective’s physical location is closed, we will make every effort to maintain a digital presence through our social media channels and website. If you would like further information, please contact info@coastcollective.ca and a member of the Board of Directors will reply as soon as possible.

The Society for Arts on the South Island would like to thank everyone for all the support we have received over the years and we hope to continue to grow arts within our community for years to come.

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