11 Oct 2018

Another Successful Raise the Roof Event – Thank you to our MC, Volunteers and Donors

Our annual art-rageous fundraiser, Raise the Roof, was a smashing success again this year, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped to make it that way.

First, we would like to thank our amazing Master of Ceremonies:

  • Robyn Burns from CBC Radio’s All Points West

Next, we would like to thank all of the Volunteers who helped with the event in a myriad of ways, from organizing all the items, to setting up the silent auction tables and decorating the hall, to working at the door, tables, or as a cashier during the event, for cleanup at the end, and for many tasks I am doubtless forgetting.

  • Anne Miller and Judy Seeley for the tremendous work that goes into organizing the silent auction as well as a myriad of other tasks that add up to a successful event
  • Kathryn Fudge for her tireless work behind the scenes
  • Creating the bid sheets: Christina Morrison
  • Online marketing and social media: Jessa Dupuis, Christina Morrison, Courtney Standing
  • For set-up: Linda and Gary Byrne, Barb DeRousie, Kathryn Fudge, Evol Karchut, Tracy Leal, Sheila Lintaman, Barb Logie, Anne Miller, Judy Seeley, Rebecca Wilde
  • Working at the door: Patti and Ron Marken
  • Silent Auction Cashiers: Sheryl Parsons, Jessica Stein, Judy Thompson
  • Managing the auction tables and bid sheets during the event: Barb DeRousie, Kathryn Fudge, Evol Karchut, Tracy Leal, Barb Logie
  • Cleanup: Brian and Kathryn Fudge

(If you helped out and your name is not listed, I (Jessica) apologize for my poor memory, and let me know and I will add it in!)

Last but not least, we would like to thank our generous event Donors and Sponsors.

2018 Business Donors and Sponsors:

2018 Individual Donors:

  • Linda Anderson
  • Shirley Anne
  • Rebecca Barnard
  • Linda Byrne
  • Ken Campbell
  • Julie Carlson
  • Deborah Czernecky
  • Barb DeRousie
  • Peter DeRousie
  • Joan Emery
  • James Emler
  • Graeme Evans
  • Megan Evans
  • Nancy Fraser
  • Kathryn Fudge
  • Don Fulcher
  • Wendy Fulcher
  • Mike Garthwaite
  • H. Gerein
  • Linda Gordon
  • Niki Green
  • Marj Harding
  • Katarina Hardisty
  • Wendy Harris
  • Christina Hopkins
  • Elaine Hughes
  • Dave Hutchison
  • John Janzen
  • Evol Karchut
  • Alison Kobylinyk
  • Anne Krauss
  • Tracy Leal
  • Deborah Leigh
  • Belle Leon
  • Sheila Lintaman
  • Barb Logie
  • Sheryl MacLeod-Sidwell
  • Patti Marken
  • Alannah MacPhail
  • Anne Miller
  • Christina Morrison
  • Sophia Morrison
  • Maureen Ness
  • Sheryl Parsons
  • Penny Pitcher
  • Monica Reekie
  • Alexandra Reid
  • Maria Roxborough
  • Judy Seeley
  • George Setterfield
  • Brian Simons
  • Linda Simrose
  • Dana Sitar
  • Marcela Strasdas
  • Jessica Stein
  • Darlyne Stewart
  • Kathy Switzer
  • Andrew Talbot
  • Judy Thompson
  • Susan Whitham
  • Alice Wiens
  • Bonnie Willems
  • Marlene Wilson
  • Geraldine Wolters
  • Robin Woodworth
  • Raven Wyntre-Clarkson

Our event would not have been a success without the support, donations, and hard work of all the people listed above, so many thanks from the Coast Collective!

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  • Bonnie Willems February 18, 2019

    To Jessica,
    I know this is after the fact, but is it possible to correct my name in the 2018 individual donors column. I noticed the error before but I didn’t realize my name would be listed on the Blog. If a change can happen the name should read Bonnie Willems, not Williams.

    • Jessica Stein February 20, 2019

      Hi Bonnie,

      Sorry about that! I have updated the post – hopefully it’s correct now.

      Thank you,


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