05 Jul 2018

The Playful Story Behind Linda Gordon’s “Wisteria Whimsy” in the “Let’s Play!” Gallery Exhibition

By Linda Gordon:

Mother’s Day at Hatley Castle

In the theme of the upcoming “Let’s Play” show my daughter and I painted at Hatley Castle on Mother’s Day. We played around mixing colors and taking in the sun and flowers.

I did my best to paint the wisteria, shimmering in the breeze. The masses of mauve flowers and sweet scent was intoxicating.

I heard the brass band playing in the background as I mixed my colors- the deep tone of what sounded like a tuba made me look into the shadows of the foliage and I pulled up a “Jenkins Green” out of my Paint box.

The Green color is just what I needed to make  the mauve pop!

As the day wound down I found I had painted two flower canvases. A great place and time to play!


Wisteria Whimsey by Linda Gordon. 12×16 Acrylic. $150 in the “Let’s Play!” exhibition on until July 15.

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