28 Apr 2018

Children Celebrate Our Fantastic Forests with Artwork at the Coast Collective

(Above image: Amazing Magical Trees by Skye M., mixed media)

To celebrate Earth Day each year, the Coast Collective invites the region’s youngest artists to create and display artwork inspired by our beautiful planet.  This year’s theme, Our Fantastic Forests, invited children up to age 12 to create works of art inspired by the myriad forms of life to be found in our beautiful West Coast forests, from the tiniest ants to the tallest trees.   This is the final weekend to check out their artwork, and to whet your appetite, we’re posting some of it here for you to see.

“The Rainbow of the Sky” by Sheamus T. (age 7), pencil crayon

Sheamus’ piece show off the interaction of weather, plants, and animals in intricate and colourful detail.

The Apple Ole by Ruby M. (age 4), Acrylic

Vibrant colours flow across the paper in this young artist’s work.

Sneaky Stalker by Hayden M (grade 3), collage

Bright blue eyes gaze out from layers of colour and texture in Hayden’s portrait of a feline from Ms. Ewer’s grade 3 class.

These wonderful pieces and many more are only up until Sunday at 5:00 pm, so come check them out this weekend!  There’s also an interactive art wall where you can create artwork on the spot to add to the giant show sign, so don’t miss out!

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