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Coast Collective Gallery & Gift Shop Submission Guidelines

We are looking for a broad spectrum of family-friendly original works of Fine Art, Fine Craft, Folk Art, Home Décor and Fashion, which:

  1. Make a bold statement in form and colour
  2. Display technical skill and creativity
  3. Make a unique statement; and
  4. Celebrate Vancouver Island and Canada’s Pacific coast.


All submissions are adjudicated based on:

1. Originality

•works are original, hand-made or hand-crafted

•source materials are original and not copied from another artist

2. Technical Proficiency

•work demonstrates a high level of skill or mastery of the medium of choice;

•items made using manufactured or store-bought materials should show a significant change from their original form

3. Presentation

4. Marketability

5. Artist & Process Statement



All fine art shown by the Coast Collective Art Centre should be presented in a simple, professional manner regardless of the nature of the work. Consider yourself a professional and treat your artwork with respect and always use the best possible materials.  If you have questions or require further clarification of our guidelines, please ask.


To maintain a high level of quality and professionalism, use archival materials in making and presenting your work. Common materials such as paper, cardboard and tape contain acid that can cause yellowing, fading and deterioration.


The Coast Collective Art Centre and Society for Arts on the South Island reserves the right to refuse any artwork not meeting our Submission Guidelines.



  • The finished presentation – front, back, top, and bottom – is part of the whole work, and should appear to be new and well crafted, not battered and shop worn or flimsy or fragile.
  • In the GALLERY – no reproductions of artwork are permitted; and prints must be limited, numbered editions.
  • In the GIFT SHOP – open edition posters and greeting cards are permitted.
  • Prints/reproductions of original artwork should be clearly labeled as such, and be in limited, numbered editions. Original photographic prints should also be in limited, numbered editions. Open edition posters and cards must be packaged for rack display and sale only (unframed).
  • All artwork must be presented ready-to-hang, with appropriate hanging wire attached to the frame.  Wires and hanging hardware should not be visible when hung.
  • Saw tooth hangers are not accepted.
  • Frame quality and aesthetic will be considered part of the work.  Avoid garish colours, overpowering designs or cheap-looking frames.
  • Consider an appropriate weight of molding and width of mat for the work. Giving work enough ‘breathing room’ is important.
  • Artwork behind glass must not touch the glass; mats should be used to separate the work from the glass. Mat colour and size should be well-considered to compliment the work. Glass should be without scratches.
  • Frames must be appropriately sturdy; “Snap-on” frames, corner clips with glass or “easel” frames designed for tabletop use are not accepted.
  • Stretched canvases that are at least 1 ½ inches deep do not require a frame; , however, staples must not be visible and edges should be painted or otherwise finished.
  • Canvases less than 1¼ inches deep require a frame.
  • Quilts and other fabric wall hangings must be ready to hang by method of a sleeve or other place for curtain rods or similar hardware.



  • All fine craft shown at the Coast Collective should be well executed and well finished and be primarily hand-manufactured (i.e. by hand, hand tools or hand-controlled processes; ready-made components are acceptable where their use is clearly appropriate to the nature and design of the work).
  • Articles made from a mold are acceptable only where the mold is subordinate to the product of the craftsperson/artisan, or where the mold is subordinate to the craftsperson’s creativity.
  • Any article or any media using a commercial kit is automatically disqualified from the adjudication process.
  • All three-dimensional items must be of sound construction, able to withstand handling and be suitable for public display in a family-friendly environment.
  • Bases of freestanding items must be finished and safe for positioning on a table-top. Items may not be “tippy”. Instructions for special installations should be attached to the piece.
  • Three-dimensional wall pieces must be securely mounted on a base in a professional finished fashion.
  • Toys must be safe for children to use, with properly finished edges and fasteners and fixtures appropriate for the intended age group. Any special instructions should be fastened to the piece.



  • Professionally rendered original works of music and literature are welcomed.



  • Including Aboriginal and Ethnic craft, as well as craft intrinsically Canadian, with an emphasis on local west coast history.
  • Should be well executed and well finished.
  • Storytelling/statement about the cultural relevance of the work is vital and adds tremendously to the value.
  • Work inspired by, or resembling, cultural traditions that are not your own family heritage, should demonstrate a significant reinterpretation of the original forms, and be accompanied by an artist statement explaining the cultural relevance of the work.



All Coast Collective exhibits will be juried by way of digital images of original artwork. Any medium is acceptable in 2 or 3-dimensions, from one-of-a-kind wearable art to paintings, jewelry, sculpture, functional pottery, and everything in between. Applications are due at 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date. Each Artist is limited to 4 entries (unless otherwise specified in the call), and the work should each be less than 60” (152.4cm) in any dimension. If you have work that falls outside of these parameters, please contact to discuss ways that we may be able to accommodate your work.


Please do not submit work that has been previously displayed at the Coast Collective Art Centre.  No work needs to be delivered to the Gallery prior to acceptance and no adjudication fees apply.  Artwork currently on display in the Coast Collective Gift Shop is not eligible to be entered into a gallery exhibition.  All submitted work must be original, not copied from any other artist – which includes not using photographs taken by other people as source material.


Show applications can be submitted using the online submission form. If you have trouble using the online application form, please send an e-mail to, explaining your problem and we’ll help. Application deadlines, notifications of acceptance and art drop-off dates are all listed for each of our shows.  Further instructions about the delivery of works will be provided upon acceptance into a show.


Starting with Black and White + 1 (September 6-17) hanging fees will be charged (except for Coast Collective Associate Members) unless specified within the call, and a 30% Commission (25% for Coast Collective Associate Members) will be retained by the Gallery for each piece sold.  Hanging fees are $10 per item, up to a maximum of $30.  If, as a direct result of showing at the Coast Collective, your work sells after the show, the gallery would appreciate a 10% Finder’s Fee.  Contact us at if you have questions or need more information.


Security and Liability

The Coast Collective Art Gallery provides 24-hour security through supervision and/or an alarm system.  We do not take responsibility for any damage or loss of art pieces stored or displayed on our premises.


Pick up of artwork

The artist is responsible for picking up his/her artwork at the specified time at the end of each show.  A $2 per day fee will be due from the artist for each piece not picked up on time unless arrangements are made PRIOR to the stated pick-up date. Please make your best effort to pick up artwork on time. Effort is required to clear the gallery of unclaimed works when artists fail to recover the art after a show, and storage space in our new facility is extremely limited. Late pick-up fees will be strictly enforced.


Artwork not picked up

Artwork not collected before the storage fees exceed the purchase price for the piece as specified by the artist, or within 2 months of the end of the show, whichever comes first, will become the property of the SASI/Coast Collective.


If you have any questions, please contact or all us at 250.391.5522.


Gallery & Artisans Gift Shop Hours:

Wednesday to Sunday 11am - 5pm


#103 - 318 Wale Road, Colwood, BC V9B 0J8



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The Coast Collective Arts Centre is a dynamic, inspiring centre promoting art and culture, connecting community members of all ages through creative expression and explorations. Gallery exhibits bring the works of talented emerging and established Canadian artists and artisans to the public at an accessible location. An Artisan Gift Shop showcases juried handmade works that celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship of Southern Vancouver Island. Exceptional, innovative, international-calibre instructors encourage the pursuit of excellence and fun for artists of all ages and abilities.

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