James Emler

  • Instructor

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James has been a photographer for over 40 years.  His roots are in film of course, but he uses digital as well as it allows him to bring new ideas to his picture making.  He works specifically to the print and is now incorporating other media such as drawing and painting into his practice.

He has authored three books on the subjects of photography and seeing: Nudes, Photographs, Notes, Observations and Ideas; Search for Silence, Photographs and Notes; and Dreams and Realities which is available in PDF or Epub formats.  His work has also been featured in a number of publications including Rod Ashford’s Lighting for Nude Photography available from Amazon.com.

James has recently moved to Victoria.  He lived on Gabriola Island for 7 years where he had a studio dedicated to art reproduction.  James has documented many portfolios for other artists as well as documenting work for major collectors.

“I have been fortunate to extend my love for the medium by teaching. For 6 years I was the head instructor at Focal Point – the Visual Arts Learning Centre.  For 2 years I served as Department Head for the digital photography program at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts where I was also Chairman of their Advisory Board.”