Membership Levels

Gold Level (Associate Member)


  • member pays $150 annual membership fee (non-refundable), after Jul 1 = $75 (non-refundable)
  • member pays a 25% consignment fee to Coast Collective on all sales
  • member must contribute a minimum of 72 hours of service time to CC annually


  • includes Individual SASI Voting Membership
  • art can be displayed in gift shop, window display boxes, Westridge Gallery and/or open call or associated gallery shows with the same 25% consignment rate in all areas (subject to adjudication)
  • 2D art can be displayed in Roaming Gallery and/or JDF Art Space at established rates
  • no hanging fees
  • 10% discount on workshop fees
  • 25% discount on special order at The Mat Shop
  • 10% discount at Art World
  • Benefits package at Art Ink
    • Ongoing – 15% off graphic design services
    • Ongoing – 15% off retail pricing for envelopes and art bags (for cards or prints) (cannot be combined with other offers)
    • Ongoing – artists will be added to our expanding online Artist Gallery to showcase their works and website
    • One Time (first visit) – 50% off capture and/or scanning of original artwork (up to $200 before discount); includes consult, file prep and formatting
    • One Time (first visit) – 25% off file calibration and proofing, digital or giclee (up to $100 before discount)

Silver Level (Associate Member)


  • member pays $600 annual membership fee
  • member pays a 25% consignment fee to Coast Collective on all sales
  • no service hours required


  • same as Gold Level

Bronze Level (50/50 Member)


  • no annual fee
  • Member pays a 50% consignment fee to Coast Collective on all sales
  • no service hours required


  • art can be displayed in Gift Shop and/or front window display boxes only. (Subject to adjudication)

NOTE: For open call Gallery shows, Gallery Artist guidelines apply (see below).


Gallery Artist :

Any artist who submits work and is accepted through adjudication for open call gallery shows.  Participants (other than Gold and Silver Level Members) must pay a hanging fee of $10 per item to a maximum of $30 when bringing work in for a show, plus a 30% consignment fee on all sales from the show. See GALLERY-  Calls for Submission page to apply.


Society for the Arts on the South Island (SASI) Membership

  • Individual Voting Member $50/year
  • Business Voting Member $100/year

NOTE: this membership is for voting rights only.  It does not include access to any of the other Coast Collective benefits. No adjudication is required.


Applying for Membership

If you are interested in becoming a member, first be sure you understand all the options, benefits and requirements before applying for adjudication.  Then the next step is to fill out the form below and attach images of your work.  These will be sent to our adjudication team for jurying. You will receive an email with a response as soon as possible. Once received,  you can bring a copy of your acceptance email into the Coast Collective to fill out the appropriate membership forms. If you require more information, please call 250-391-5522 or come in to the centre to speak to our staff, Wed – Sun 11-5.

Submission guidelines for artwork can be found here: CC SUBMISSION Guidelines

Membership Application


Please wait and do not close this page until you see a confirmation that the submission is complete. This may take a few minutes, particularly if you are uploading large image files.

Digital image files should be between 500kb and 5Mb, at least 1500px wide or high, with the name of the image changed to include the artist's name and name of the piece (e.g., First_Last_Title_Size_Medium.jpg) and in .jpg format.

Images should be clear, in focus and reflect the work as accurately as possible with regard to exposure, colour, colour saturation and tonal quality. You can submit only 4 items per show unless otherwise noted in the specific show call.

Please, your work should be photographed without glass or frame, cropped to the edge of the work and be dimensionally adjusted (3x4 should look like 3x4).


Our Artisan Gift Shop showcases juried handmade works that celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship of Southern Vancouver Island and surrounding areas.  Membership provides:

  • the opportunity to become part of a dynamic network of practicing artists and artisans
  • Eligibility to participate in the annual Gifts & Wishes Show each Nov/Dec
  • Eligibility to participate in the annual Gifts & Wishes Show each Nov/Dec
  • Opportunity to take part in occasional off-site showcases of work from the Coast Collective Arts Centre


The display boxes in the windows facing Wale Road are now being offered to Members to do solo displays on a 2 week basis. There is a calendar on the door to the classroom where Members can sign up for a display period.
There is no charge for the use of the display boxes. Member will be responsible for setting up and taking down their display on the appropriate dates.
It is recommended that the Member include a framed biography, with or without contact information, as people like to know about the person who created the art work.


The Westridge Gallery is now available to Associate Members to rent for solo shows.  The rentals will be for a two week period at the cost of $100.
A $50 down payment is required at the time of booking with the balance due one week before the start of the show.
Members are responsible for the set up and take down of their show, including filling holes and repairing the walls as necessary, as well as all advertising for Member’s show.  Member can arrange a ‘Meet the Artist’ Opening Reception, all costs at member’s expense. Between each rental period will be an open call show for all associates to submit their work.


The Roaming Gallery provides local businesses the opportunity to grace their walls with a display of original artwork by local artists. It provides an opportunity for local artists to showcase their work in more venues around town on an exclusive basis for 2 month at a time.
Pieces are offered for sale and the customer contacts the Artist directly to arrange the transaction. Artists work 1 on 1 with the businesses and the RG Coordinator manages the logistics of who goes where and when.


The Art Space program at the Juan de Fuca Rec Centre provides the opportunity to bring your art out into the community. Pieces are offered for sale and all sales are handles by CC.  The art display changes approx. every two months.  The Art Space Coordinator emails artists ahead of time, artists meet at JDF at the appointed time to pick up their work, drop off new work and possibly stay to help hang the next show. If a piece sells, the artist is required to pick it up at JDF and deliver it to CC for the buyer to pick up from there.