22 Nov 2017

Havenwood 5 Show Success!

The Havenwood 5 gallery exhibition, featuring artwork by Len Collins, Ken Faulks, Belle Leon, Sheila Lintaman, and Sheryl Parsons, drew many new visitors to our gallery with the artwork they made in their studios on the Havenwood property.

Havenwood is the location of Pacific Landing, a development of a beautiful oceanfront living community.  Pacific Landing kindly sponsored this beautiful art exhibition.

Havenwood is also the former location of the Coast Collective Art Centre, which used to occupy the beautiful, ivy-covered mansion of Pendray House.  The five artists whose work was exhibited in the Havenwood 5 show all still maintain studios there.

Len Collins showcased his beautiful, vibrantly coloured and texturally intense encaustic artwork.  More of Len’s work can be found on his website encaustica.ca

Ken Faulks showcased some of his digital abstracts for the Havenwood 5 show.  Ken’s website can be found here.

Belle Leon is a clay artist who creates beautiful sculptures as well as functional, oven and food safe works of art.  Her mugs were particularly popular during the Havenwood 5 show.

Sheila Lintaman’s whimsical and intricate textile artwork showed off her amazing attention to detail and eye for design.  We hope to see more of her work in the gallery in the future.

Sheryl Parsons displayed beautiful oil paintings of various places throughout the Havenwood property.  Her vivid colours and deft brush strokes bring the property to vibrant life.  More of Sheryl’s artwork can be seen on her webiste www.sherylparsons.ca.

The Coast Collective thanks these amazing artists for sharing their vision, and hopes to see more of their work in the future.


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